Life & Business Vision Journal 

Create a profitable, fulfilling business that supports the lifestyle you've always dreamed of...

You’re in the design and building industry because you love it. Only you’ve lost sight of the big picture while serving clients and wearing all of the hats. The day-to-day has started to feel like a burden because you’re running a never ending race. 

Between proposals, project deadlines and notes-to-self for "someday," you feel overcommitted. And what you want in your personal life has become an afterthought - if you’re thinking about it at all. 

You need an intentional plan to create a life and business that support one another, rather than act in opposition. Downloading this journal is your first step.  

It’s time to stop waiting for things to slow down. Decide now that it’s possible to create a life and business that is a true reflection of your values, priorities and your unique definition of success.


Inside your Life & Business Vision Journal you’ll: 

Learn my 5 step process to set and achieve your Life & Business Vision

Get clear on what you really want so that you can start creating it 

Use your vision to filter priorities, commitments and opportunities 

Be equipped to navigate obstacles as you move forward

Determine next steps so that you can start taking action today


I’m Desi Creswell, a Certified Life & Business Coach for Interior Designers. As a former interior designer myself, I know what it's like to be stuck in the spin of busy. 

I left a prestigious commercial interior design firm to start my residential interior design business. Entrepreneurship meant that I could increase my earning potential and create flexibility as we started a family. 

Not equipped with the tools I teach my clients today, I ended up creating another job for myself. 

I was burned out and exhausted - until I found mindset coaching.

That’s when I certified through The Life Coach School and stopped letting anxiety and stress run my life. 

Using the questions I share in this journal, I wrote down a life and business vision I thought was impossible. Today, I’m living in that vision. You can do this too.

Click the button below to download your free Life & Business Vision Journal where I’ll walk you through the process. 


Kasey Johnson - Blue Pencil Collective

Desi coaches you to reveal the confidence and strength that is already within you. She helps you realize it is there and that you have the ability to control your daily life and longterm goals.  She effortlessly guides you to what you knew you could always do.

Jessica Moran - Jessica Moran Interiors 

I didn't realize that before I could address my business, I needed to address my mindset and take a deep dive into how I view myself, my work, the manner in which I think and talk about myself and why I handle things the way that I do. Major self discoveries and mental adjustments needed to happen before I could effectively make the changes to how I run my business. This mental shift has helped my business take a literal 180. I feel as if the business I run today is completely different from the business I ran 3 months ago.